What is cryogenization

The cryonics or criónica preservation is very low temperatures (cryopreservation) of humans, in order to treat in the future by medicine and technology and revive.

Cryonics is not yet very well seen in the scientific community and is not part of medicine. It is not yet possible to know if it will be possible to revive a cryopreserved human body in the future. The cryonic part of the belief that a frozen body has not suffered the theoretical death of information (that is, destruction of human brain tissue (or any structure capable of constituting the person) and the information contained therein.

alcor crionization capsules

How crionization works

Cryopreservation, also called cryogenization, is a route that consists of the preservation of cells in liquid acid with the aim that they “have the same characteristics in the future”.

A biological tissue that is alive, or even dead, after ‘X’ years, when you defrost, you will obtain, more or less, in the same organoleptic characteristics, the tissue that you have prepared before. If he is dead, he will be dead again, and if he was biologically alive, those cells will remain alive.

Centers currently available

There are currently two options in the United States (The Alcor Foundation and Chryonics Institute) and one in Spain (ceCryon). You can check the centers here

Cryonic Centers

Cryonic Centers

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