Is it possible to freeze the body after death?

  • The process is not freezing, as it damages cells and makes subsequent resuscitation impossible. We are talking about a process of vitrification of the brain and the body for cryopreservation .
  • It must be done as soon as possible since the heart stops so that the brain does not reach brain death.

What is Cryopreservation?

Cryopreservation is the process by which tissues or cells are vitrified at -196 ºC to diminish the vital functions of this organism and to be able to keep it suspended during an unlimited time. At these temperatures, the biological activity, including the biochemical reactions that produce death, are effectively stopped.

Today there are many companies that offer this service for the Cryopreservation of legally dead people. This process promises to keep the body (or the head of the individual) in a state of waiting until they find a cure for the disease that affects them or the solution to what caused their death.

Scientists nowadays establish that within 50 years to a century, we will be able to regenerate diseased or dead cells, retain aging and even manage to revert old age. This is based on the projects that are currently being carried out.

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What is the cost?

The cost of Cryopreservation ranges from € 200,000 to preserve the entire body of the patient, including: transport, maintenance and the resuscitation process. It must be considered that the person who has requested the service must always be close to a company, since the process must be carried out shortly after the patient’s clinical death.

What tissues can be vitrified?

In addition to the body, you can choose other sections, many people prefer to only preserve their head, from the neck, and be reconnected to a donation or synthetic body. On the other hand, sperm and ovaries are the first group of living tissues with the highest demand worldwide. Preservation of embryos, organs or even pets is part of the service offered by these companies.

What are the current problems?

There are several disadvantages in this procedure that the opponents highlight, the most important of all is the speed with which the body is preserved; legally no country allows a living person to be placed in cryopreservation, it must wait until clinical death, where the body is kept in artificial activity. This seriously affects the functionalities of the body, since the longer you wait, the more cell damage is caused.

On the other hand, the procedure is risky and aggressive. Cryopreservation of a body has consequences in it, crystals are created that act as blades at the molecular level, this crystallization must be controlled with aggressive chemicals to avoid reaching a point of no return in which all tissues have been damaged. Many of the bodies currently present this conflict, it is believed that with the help of nanomedicine the damage at a molecular level can be fixed at some time in the future.

Ethical problems

The ethical question has strong arguments at the social level, there are many comments that talk about an inequality of opportunities, where only families have access to their diseases and access to these procedures.

Other opponents see the project as a scam since by that date any legal claim can be easily dismissed if there are no living relatives who file complaints for breach of contract because they can not resuscitate the patient. Since to this day, effective resuscitation has not been demonstrated.

Can you imagine waking up in the year 2115?

A place 100 years after the date it was preserved, this will be an unimaginable cultural clash, society will have transformed by leaps and bounds, you would be practically a living relic. If the people of 19015 woke up today, they would not understand our current world, they would not adapt to such aggressive tendencies, the emotional conflict will create a new mental disorder that must be treated and not only psychological, but medical, food, air, water , the same contact with other people can cause illnesses in the patient who is not prepared for those bacteria, viruses and others.

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