Be a Client

First step to be a client

If you are interested in becoming an iCryonic Client, the first step is to create your personal file to be a member at no cost.


To become a member, fill out this form with your information and one of our agents will create your file and add you to the system.

You will receive a username with which you can:

  • Contact our agents for any information you need.
  • Access our sections of the web only available to members.
  • Check your personal and personal file of iCryonic member. SEE EXAMPLE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION
  • Become an iCryonic Customer. Due to the high demand for cryocapsules worldwide, your date of entry will determine your position on the waiting list.
  • Completely remove your file from our system if in the end you are not interested in being a customer.

Second and last step

Once you are an iCryonic member, you only need to choose the plan or plans that interest you, make the payment and you will enter our customer system. Then the iCryonic process will start. Our agents will be with you to advise you and resolve any doubts you may have from our contact section. You can visit our facilities and talk to our doctors and managers personally if you wish.

See prices and plans

See the iCryonic process

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