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In this block you will find all kinds of information about cryonics, its advances, the process and many other topics, explained in great detail. In this way you can know everything you need to know.
If you have more questions, consult the FAQ with the most frequently asked questions. If you want to share material that you think may be interesting about the subject of cryonics,  contact us .


What is cryonics?

Discover what we understand by cryonics, what it is and its evolution

Myths and truths

The most common myths and their scientific explanation here

The cryonic process

The 4 or more hours of the process, explained here.

Critical problems

Discover the problems associated with cryonics and solutions

Cryonics and Religion

Discover here how they complement each other despite their differences.

The Neuro preservation

Discover the option of neuropreservation

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