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Fourth step

It can be done according to two situations:

As planned

If the death of the client is planned, whether due to illness or age, the client will remain in the medical centers of our facilities, under strict monitoring, so that when the time comes, it will be as fast as possible.


If the client’s death happens unexpectedly, thanks to the control methods and the training carried out, we will proceed to apply the special assigned displacement protocol of each patient. The body will be transferred by plane while our equipment destined for the transfer pumps the blood to the brain to endure.

The maximum times since the death is

  1. No more than 3 hours from death until our team accesses the transfer and keeps the body cold and with the blood pumping.
  2. No more than 24 hours from when our team is with the client until the cryopreservation operation is carried out.

In this way we get the brain to stay in good condition.

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