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ICryonic guarantee

At iCryonic we do not seek to revive people in the future, but to cryopreserve them before the body dies completely and the brain stops working for many hours, for in the future, thanks to medical advances, to be able to cure what stopped working and proceed to the revival. If the heart failed, the liver, if it had cancer, cellular aging, etc.

From iCryonic we guarantee the good conservation of the body in our approved capsules for as long as necessary, as well as the application of the method for resuscitation of the body eleven the way has been discovered. 

Belief in Science

I believe that if there is the slightest possibility that resuscitation is possible in the future, it is worth betting on. Me and my family will opt for this option, and I know that with iCryonic everything will be done well. I created it to the test of everything.



To date, 30 customers have been treated and are in our cryocapsules.



30 vitrification operations have gone satisfactorily.



We carry out numerous studies to the client and we have the most advanced technology to make it so.

Why trust iCryonic

Here are some reasons why you can trust iCryonic.

  • We are the first and only center in Europe
  • We have the support of the most important institutions in the world.
  • A strict selection guarantees us a very efficient and competitive staff.
  • We attend each case personally, studying your situation and training the client so that he is prepared.
  • We have a great investment for research and development of conservation and resuscitation techniques.
  • A success rate in our 100% cryopreservation process in our cases, with a very strict and controlled process
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Trust in the numbers 1 and leaders in Europe and in the whole world.


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